Stop telling the truth

An early morning in Transylvania

In the era of post-truth we are launching a beyond great travel&dine experience with an artsy twist and, yes, NFT.

There is no question, spending a couple of days in the village of Viscri has something rejuvenating. So powerfull that some of our guests are becoming kids again even before they arrive. Specifically, when they need to cancel a reservation.

We haven’t heard the one with “the dog ate my plane ticket” yet but some of the excuses went pretty close. And we heard a lot of them. On for example, 19.4% of our reservations are canceled or altered.

Truth is a spectrum. While we read the motifs with popcorn close-by we have never questioned any excuse no matter how silent the truth-detector went. “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” is so hard to have in real life…

So we were very happy when the people from said they could take the burden from our guests (of telling us why they need to cancel) and make it possible to just resell a reservation without even telling us. And by having an NFT as support, our guests can be sure we won’t mind having a percentage of the re-selling value. It can get too technical if you’re new to NFT but the Oveit platform made the process pretty straightforward.

What’s even nicer is that by having any of the travel&dine package in Transylvania, you also become the owner of an artwork made by one of our guests.

Unlike a traditional reservation on Booking, you can see it as also as a process not much different from investing in stock market. If your plans of having the vacation are changing, you can sell your reservation - with a gain or a loss.